How Dubsado Makes An Event Planner’s Life Easier

There’s a reason why most of my clients come from the event industry. Dubsado has so much to offer to help event professionals keep their sanity in the middle of crazy hectic schedules.


You might be thinking that you’ve been managing your business just fine with Google Sheets, Google Forms, or other GSuite tools, but let me assure you, Dubsado is about to revolutionize your life. Wondering how?


Let’s consider the average number of events booked by photographers (60+), photo booths (100+), and event planners (70+) each year. If any of these numbers resonate with you, then you know the struggle of manually sifting through countless entries in your Google form and manually emailing each person. It’s time-consuming and can be incredibly overwhelming.


Here’s where Dubsado comes in. With its powerful CRM capabilities, you can automate various parts of your event industry processes and create an exceptional client experience. From capturing client information effortlessly to streamlining communication and creating customized workflows, Dubsado will save you time, reduce errors, and elevate your overall business efficiency.


So, if you’re ready to transform the way you work and deliver an outstanding client experience, Dubsado is the game-changer you’ve been waiting for!


An event planner explores how Dubsado's features can help her serve clients better



Getting Started With Dubsado


Dubsado is more than just a CRM for the event industry—it’s a comprehensive solution that will revolutionize the way you manage your business. With Dubsado, I have created a sleek and professional company-wide email signature, ensuring that every communication reflects my brand’s image. 


Thanks to canned emails, I’m done with repetitive typing. This change lets me communicate with my clients efficiently and consistently. I can also tailor workflows to individual team members, optimizing their productivity and ensuring seamless collaboration. I’ve never missed important emails with this integrated to-do feature in workflows.




Unlocking The Power Of Multi-User Feature


Let me tell you why the multi-feature in Dubsado is a game-changer. First off, it’s all about teamwork! With the multi-feature, you don’t have to tackle everything on your own. You can bring along the first three members of your team for free! Just remember that you can only add team members if you’re not on a free trial.


But wait, there’s more! By using the multi-feature, you can easily assign tasks to your team members within workflows and even send them helpful email reminders. It’s a seamless way to delegate and stay organized.


Now, here’s the cherry on top: the accountant user section. This feature gives my accountant access to key areas like Transactions, Charts of Accounts, and Reports, without exposing them to everything else in Dubsado. It’s a secure and efficient way to collaborate with my financial pro without any worries. It’s good for my taxes.


Ready to take your Dubsado experience to the next level? Sign up for a premium account today and enjoy a fantastic 30% discount on your purchase.




Harnessing Custom-Mapped Fields For Personalization


Custom fields are an essential feature of Dubsado that makes it your system. They allow you to capture all the information you need beyond the default fields for basic client and project details. 


There are two types of custom fields: client custom fields and project custom fields. Client custom fields are perfect for capturing information that remains consistent across all projects, such as birthdays, favorite treats, and social media handles. These details stay with the client, even if they book you for different events. 


On the other hand, project custom fields are specific to each project and can include information like event dates, color schemes, and venue locations, which may change with each new event.


To capture custom-mapped fields, you can use short answers or date-select questions in forms. By setting up the questions correctly, they will automatically map to the custom fields you’ve created. The captured data goes into the clients’ project back end, where you can make any necessary adjustments or manually add information as needed. These custom-mapped fields can be seamlessly incorporated into your emails and forms, just like smart fields. They appear in brackets and populate content as long as they are inputted into the clients’ project back end.


By strategically using these custom fields, I have created personalized emails and forms that impress my leads and clients. Even in automated communications, these little touches make a big difference.




How The Dubsado Client Portal Empowers Event Planners


The Dubsado Client Portal serves as a virtual hub where you and your clients can seamlessly collaborate. From sharing inspiration boards and design ideas to managing guest lists and timelines, this centralized platform keeps everyone on the same page. Clients can easily access and review contracts, proposals, and invoices, eliminating the need for endless email exchanges. By allowing real-time feedback and updates, you can work together efficiently, creating a truly personalized and extraordinary experience.


You can also say goodbye to missed emails or forgotten attachments! Through the portal, you can send messages, schedule meetings, and share important updates with your clients effortlessly. Notifications ensure that everyone stays informed, reducing the chances of miscommunication. Plus, with customizable forms and questionnaires, you can gather all the essential details about the wedding in a structured and organized manner, saving you precious time and minimizing misunderstandings.


If you’re a wedding planner, you understand how overwhelming it can be to keep track of all the moving parts of a wedding. The Dubsado Client Portal simplifies that process. From managing vendor contracts and payments to tracking RSVPs and guest preferences, this all-in-one platform helps you stay organized and stress-free. Automatic reminders and deadlines ensure that nothing falls through the cracks, while integrated calendars keep everyone updated on key dates and milestones.




Delighting Leads And Clients With Automated Workflows


There are four ways I’ve proven to wow my leads and clients: using automated emails, not sleeping on the add-ons, making payments easy, and being consistent with my branding.


First off, let’s talk about emails. I created automated messages for various purposes, such as confirming inquiries, scheduling calls, sending proposal reminders, and counting down to events. I also have canned emails providing deliverable timelines, following up after events, requesting testimonials, and even celebrating anniversaries. By streamlining these processes, I have saved time and ensured that no important communication slips through the cracks.


But that’s not all! I also boost my offers by strategically adding exclusive elements that will enhance the overall client eperience. Whether it’s personalized perks, special bonuses, or limited-time promotions, I have created a sense of exclusivity that left my leads and clients wanting more.


And let’s not forget about payments. I know how frustrating it can be to chase clients for payments. But with Dubsado, you can create different plans tailored to your clients’ needs. 


Last but not least, I have established a strong and consistent brand presence. From customized email signatures and form designs to carefully selected color palettes, fonts, and domain settings, I ensured that every interaction reflects my brand’s unique personality.


That’s me! That’s how I utilized Dubsado to the full. But, you can do that, too. If you’re ready to wow your leads and clients with automated workflows, work with me. Let’s take your customer experience to new heights!

How Dubsado makes an event planner's life easier