Making your workflows work for you.


Making your workflows work for you.


Certified Dubsado Specialist since 2021

on LinkedIn for Learning & Inspiration in 2020

of Operations and Process Management experience

served for Dubsado SETUPS & operations support

What do you do with a $120 secondhand computer and an immense love to organize?

My 2007 self would’ve answered it best: You start creating folders in your brain named after the many different hats you’ll wear in the years ahead—telemarketing, administrative, research, virtual assistance, and operations management.

You keep them with you, hone them through the years, and apply them over and over until your love transforms into expertise.

An expertise that has allowed me to be a:

Project Manager for a startup company focused on creating SOPs, training people, and improving processes for different teams

Coach to over 500+ freelancers teaching the power of Project Management

Now the founder of The Workflow Boss, helping service pros worldwide regain their time and elevate their client experience through streamlined Dubsado workflows


In retrospect,

The honing journey is my back end, and The Workflow Boss is the end result. And if there’s any lesson here that I would never dare forget, it’s that…


Because when you’re in it for the long haul

You know the importance of the foundation phase.

You grow with a system in place. 

You let success come through.

You let your workflows work for you.

Now, it’s your turn.

Your future self is waiting.

From one million tasks to work-life balance.

A hundred NOs to ultra-organized workflows.

Stress-filled days to unparalleled confidence.

Hear the results from them!

I'm so thankful that I found Keren! She is incredibly knowledgeable about many different types of software & systems, and was open to learning and using new types of software, systems, and processes. She has plenty of her own best-practice advice to help you if you have no idea what you need, which can sometimes be the case no matter how much you think you know about organizing. She can help you optimize! I am living proof that she is a valuable resource for anyone seeking her services.

Rose Yount

Atlassian Senior Presentation Designer

Hear the results from them!

Keren saw gaps in my processes and streamlined things further than what I could have imagined! It's all automated and looks beautiful. I was spending (and wasting) sooo much time manually emailing back and forth, sending calendar links and invoicing! Nothing was automated at all. (Now), from the moment someone inquires, everything is automated!!! From the inquiry form, emails, contracts, payment, calendar scheduling until the moment I get on the phone with them. I now have professional branded emails that look beautiful and represent and match the service I provide. The automation will save me so much time allowing my business to SCALE!

Niav Kono

Instagram Coach & Social Media Manager

Hear the results from them!

It is 110% worth the investment!! I know I could have probably figured this out on my own. But I wasn't prepared to waste any more of my precious time learning the ins and outs of Dubsado. I loved how Keren made sure she had a thorough understanding of my workflows & the way I did things in my business to be able to create an even better workflow for me in Dubsado. I felt she was with me every step of the way, was open to any feedback I gave her & was collaborative. I loved how she created video tutorials because I am a visual person when it comes to learning & I have never used a CRM before so having those tutorials added that extra boost of confidence on how I can navigate myself around Dubsado. I am honestly so glad Keren was recommended to me because she went above and beyond!

Justine Dolores

Podcast Manager

Hear the results from them!

Keren was professional, prompt, and extremely knowledgeable! She went above and beyond and gave me recommendations on how to setup the workflows. I truly appreciate how much she did and answered all my questions.

Kristen Hillman

CFO & Financial Strategist

Hear the results from them!

Setting up the workflows has cut my time spent on all the emails and tasks in half. It’s seamless and the automation just makes my heart smile. I don't have to re-do things or whatever because with one click of a button everything is done. My experience with Keren was seamless. I loved how she didn't just tell me what she did but she showed me what it would look like if we worked together. That’s something I do myself and so when she did it, I was sold even before the call was done!

Vivienne Okafor

Brand Builder

Hear the results from them!

I am so glad I did this. It is one of the best things that I’ve done. It’s actually made everything so much more seamless. . And honestly as soon as I did this investment, I started getting more of my ideal clients. Whenever you do things like this, you start attracting the people that you’re supposed to work. Thank you so much Keren, I’m gonna keep singing your praises to everyone.

Nia Phillip

Content Strategist & Creator

Hear the results from them!

I was spending way too much time onboarding clients (and didn't have) an onboarding process that felt smooth & professional. (Now) onboarding new clients is a breeze & I feel more confident since my process is streamlined & professional.

My biz is definitely expanding and I am SO glad I hired Keren when I did because onboarding now is quick & easy instead of taking me all dang day.

Whitney Filloon

Copywriting Wizard

Hear the results from them!

Was so glad to get on a call with you and see the work you had prepared for the call, I was sold straight away! The onboarding form and brain dumping everything in was so easy! I had to give you sooo much yet the process to do that felt really easy. I felt supported and heard even after we have finished up. Now, it’s so much easier for our clients and more professional which was my aim. It has reduced emails not being sent and tasks being forgotten. It has saved me time!

Caitlin Gibson

Social Media Coach

Hear the results from them!

A big goal of mine this year was to systemize and automate a lot of TRHP. Having 2 businesses and running TRHP manually on my own just wasn't producing the results I wanted so I invested in some help and have already gained more clients, a stronger onboarding process, a clearer funnel, and most importantly more time! Thank you, Keren!

Casey Mason

Business Coach

Hear the results from them!

The workflows have really helped me definitely! I have multiple clients signed. It has freed a lot of my time, it has been less stressful.. We had a 9.5k launch..massive shoutout to Keren who helped me organize my workflows so much better for this launch!

Claire Fealy

Mindset Coach

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